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AWS and Azure Certified Design, Engineering and Security

Highly Available (HA) Web Applications

Container and Serverless Application Development

Machine Learning (ML) Integration and Development

Seamless migration of Applications and API from Data Centres to Cloud

Design first approach

Secure, resilient, monitored and fully protected SaaS / API

Rigorous security, operations and cost controls

AWS Advanced Consulting and Public Sector Partner with Funding

Microsoft Partner for Azure with Funding

Cloud Technology Partners for Security and ML Services

Ontario Government Vendor (VOR) – I&IT Solutions, Management Consulting



Amazon Web Services offers secure, reliable and scalable cloud computing services.


Limitless data and analytics capabilities



Optimize your data strategy to support data-driven decision.


Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface


Automatically protect workloads against vulnerabilities, malware and unauthorized change.


A single cloud platform for IT, security and compliance across all your global IT assets.

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Open-source static analysis tool, Semgrep®️, gives you the rules, building blocks, and infrastructure to shift left and scale your security program.

Indico Data

Unlocks the value of Unstructured Data using AI


AI Powered Fraud Management and Prevention

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